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  1. How do I check my Flashstats ?
  2. How do I get my email when I'm traveling?

How do I check my Flashstats?


Enter your web address in the address bar of your browser like this  http://www.yoursite.com/flashstats

of course the "yoursite" is your domain. After you hit the enter key, you'll be taken to your Flashstats page.
Where is says "User" enter your domain name with no .com or.org .. just your domain name; i.e., if your domain name is www.foodcritical.com  then under the "user" you would enter - foodcritical.

Enter your password if you have one. Try it without a password first, if you have forgotten your password, email us .

Choose the dates you'd like to analyze.

Under the black bar that says "Reports" and "Options" choose the quick select option "All" under each one.

Now click Generate and you'll see your real time statistics for the date range you chose.


Each section of stats is color coded and explains what the stats mean in the top color bar of each section.


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How do I get my email when I'm traveling?

When you are traveling you can get your email anytime by doing the following.
-  Open a browser on your computer and enter your domain name this way http://mail.yourdomain.com
So basically, you're replacing the www with the word mail.

- You will then see a page that says Compudoc Client webmail access. 
in the user name field - type your FULL EMAIL ADDRESS

in the password field - type your password

- If you are on a public computer for security reasons please:  REMEMBER TO UNCHECK "REMEMBER MY SETTINGS ON THIS COMPUTER"
You will now have access to your email and can send, receive, foward, attach files etc.  If you do not delete your emails, they will remain on the server so you can download them on your computer when you arrive back home.  If you delete the emails in webmail, they are permanently deleted off the server.