E-commerce and SSL

The Internet offers many benefits as a channel for sales and marketing. An Internet store is open for business 24 hours-a-day, 7days a week in a global market with many millions of prospects! 

Internet sales are less costly to fulfill; they do not tie up sales staff   the phone and automated order entry means there are fewer errors. Also, you can process Internet sales efficiently at your convenience!  

We can help you establish your online store.  We offer the option of setting it up, populating it with products, descriptions, photos, prices, shipping options and costs and everything you need to sell your products, then we give you the option to maintain the store yourself or have us do it for you.

Most clients prefer to update the store themselves. They download orders everyday, and change pricing, availability and stock as they need.


We also have the expertise to obtain an SSL (secure sockets layer) for your store. This encrypts the credit card information on the server in an unreadable format until you, the store owner download the orders. The only way you can download orders is to have the appropriate software which makes the ordering secure for your customers.  The SSL lets customers know your store is secure by leading the address with https (rather than the typical http) and also shows that all imporant little yellow lock!

Give us a call 717-435-5588 and let us help you establish your secure online store.